The SAGA family of funds has a track record of more than 10 years. Since inception they have been UCITS IV funds domiciled in Luxembourg.

Banque Pictet has from day one been the funds administrator and custodian. In particular, it is responsible for calculating the NAV, for the trades executions and the risk assessment.

Throughout the period the Funds have maintained an uninterrupted policy of weekly subscription and redemption.


USD Investment Grade Bonds Fund

The fund will invest in USD Investment Grade bonds, to enable investors to profit from a conservative and diversified bond exposure.The fund will be able to invest in bonds of different types (fixed coupons, floating rate notes linked to the CPI, floating rate notes linked to the Libor, etc.) and of different maturities, as long as the rating of the bonds at the time of the purchase was investment grade.The manager will retain discretion to keep bonds downgraded to below investment grade after the purchase.Depending on the macroeconomic situation, market conditions, and the outlook for USD interest rates, the fund will target different overall duration, average rating, and country and sector exposures.


  • Fact Sheet - December 2019